KITCHENER -- Ontario Provincial Police say they have recovered the body of Alex Ottley, more than a month after the boy was swept into Lake Erie.

Officers were called by a resident at around 2 p.m. on Tuesday who said they saw something nearby in the water.

An OPP helicopter in the area flew over, confirmed something in the water, and a marine unit was sent in, according to officials.

On Wednesday, officials confirm that officers located the body of Ottley east of where he was last seen, about 40 metres from the shoreline.

"I can confirm for you that we have located and recovered the body of nine-year-old Alex Ottley," said Const. Rod LeClair in a video posed to Twitter.

He was swept into the water on Feb. 15 while playing with his 10-year-old sister and eight-year-old friend near Peacock Point, setting off an 11-day search.

"On behalf of Ontario Provincial Police, our deepest condolences to the family of Alex and to all of his friends. I know he's dearly missed every day by so many people," said LeClair.

In describing the recovery on Tuesday, police made note of the 11-day search for a missing person back in February, which consisted of aerial searches and shoreline searches – and one that was “heavily affected by the weather.”

“From the middle of February to the end of February the weather was a big factor, many days it hampered our efforts in the water,” said LeClair. “The wind conditions, the ice that formed, and then broke apart hampered our efforts as well. It made things really difficult.”

Police also noted Tuesday’s developments would bring closure to all involved.

"It will bring some closure to family, friends, people in the community, and officers as well," said LeClair.