An OPP officer has been found guilty of assault in connection to an off-duty road rage incident.

In 2016, Sergeant Rui Pacheco was driving along Dundas Street in Cambridge.

He became angry with a man driving a truck and the two pulled into a grocery store parking lot near Franklin Boulevard.

Witnesses said Pacheco aggressively parked his SUV and confronted the man and his female passenger.

They testified that a fight broke out, with Pacheco throwing the first punch.

One said Pacheco kicked the man in the mid-section.

When one witness asked what happened Pacheco allegedly replied: "Road rage happened."

The court also heard that the officer’s family, including his children, were in the vehicle at the time and tried to prevent him from confronting the couple.

Pacheco was arrested and charged with assault the next day.

He was suspended with pay while waiting for the end of his trial.

According to the Sunshine List, his salary in 2017 was $120,000.

On Friday a judge found Pacheco guilty of assault, saying: “I am satisfied he lost control. Pacheco was the aggressor and at all times controlling and dominating.”

Pacheco will be sentenced on December 5.

He could receive anything from an absolute discharge to time behind bars.

Pacheco is a 21-year veteran with the OPP.