Ontario's Liberal government is pleased with the high number of jobs created in November, but remains concerned about the "stubbornly high" unemployment rate of nearly eight per cent.

Economic Development Minister Brad Duguid says it doesn't matter that nearly three-quarters of the 32-thousand new jobs created in Ontario last month were part time because the trend is in the right direction.

Duguid says Ontario is leading the country in job creation with 378-thousand 100 net new jobs created since the 2009 recession.

However, he is not pleased to see the unemployment rate at 7.9 per cent, despite a drop of 0.4 of a point last month.

Duguid says the government is not satisfied with that rate and wants to see it come down.

The New Democrats point out people cannot feed their families or pay for daycare with part-time wages.

They say Ontario needs to forget about corporate tax cuts and instead tie incentives to job creation.