KITCHENER -- The Ontario English Teachers’ Association announced Thursday that they are planning a one-day, province-wide walkout next week.

The strike is planned for March 5.

This comes after signs of hope last week when the union cancelled rotating strikes because the two sides were called back to the bargaining table.

According to OECTA, the province was unwilling to negotiate.

"Instead of coming to the table with a plan to reach an agreement, the government continued to insist on its deep, permanent cuts," says Liz Stuart, President of OECTA.

"All the while, the Minister of Education has continued his attempts to mislead the public, by making baseless accusations against Catholic teachers and our Association, and by peddling the inaccurate claim that enhancements to our benefits plan is the sticking point in bargaining," she adds.

No new talks between the union and province have been announced.