GUELPH -- A University of Guelph student has created a website that helps debunk myths, conspiracies, and general misinformation around COVID-19…like how onions aren't the cure.

The aptly named is part of a campaign started by Lauren Chang to help guide people through misconceptions about the virus.

The site uses a series of infographics and videos to help share factual and credible information taken from Canadian Public Health surrounding COVID-19.

"Our aim is not to look at these things and laugh at the people that may be believing it," said Chang. "This is why we encourage people to look at what the information is telling them to do, and as long as it doesn't hurt you and you're able to do it while following public health guidelines, I don't see a problem with it."

She adds that, while everyone is able to benefit from the site, it's mostly geared towards immigrant communities.

"Immigrant communities specifically have the problem of having linguistic barriers that deter them from accessing information from more traditional news sources or public health, which are usually only in English or French," said Chang.

With the help from some other students, the information on the website is translated into 10 different languages.

"It has specific reach to Chinese communities, Asian communities, and people from different cultural backgrounds and experiences," said Guelph student Pooja Sankar. "That's something that's really great about it."

Chang says the site is constantly being updated as information about COVID-19 is constantly evolving.

She is currently planning for her next campaign focused on vaccine education.