KITCHENER – This year's Oktoberfest RIDE programs produced a total of 111 charges, but very few of those were for drinking and driving.

Waterloo Regional Police released the numbers on Wednesday, reflecting on the nine-day campaign that saw more than 7,200 vehicles stopped.

Of the 111 charges, only eight were for alcohol impairment-related offences, while six were for novice drivers who were operating a vehicle with the presence of alcohol or drugs. Five charges were laid under the Cannabis Control Act.

The rest were mostly Highway Traffic Act charges and seatbelt-related charges.

"Officers continue to be concerned with the number of motorists failing to wear their seatbelt or failing to secure children properly," a news release reads in part.

Not wearing a seatbelt can land you a fine of $240 and two demerit points. The same penalties apply for not securing children in their seat.

The complete breakdown of charges is as follows, according to police:

  • 59 Highway Traffic Act-related charges (improper tires, failing to surrender insurance, obstructing plate)
  • 33 seatbelt-related charges
  • Eight charges relating to being impaired by alcohol
  • Six charges relating to novice drivers who have a presence of alcohol or drugs
  • Five charges under the Cannabis Control Act