The woman charged with impersonating a registered nurse at retirement facilities, in Kitchener and Mitchell, is going to jail for two years. She also received three years probation.

Eva Okello pleaded guilty to all charges of fraud and impersonating a registered nurse.

The 36-year-old Toronto woman admitted to a long history of false identities and fraud. She was arrested for posing as a nurse at a retirement home in Mitchell. But when officials at a Kitchener facility heard about it, they contacted police about a similar scam at their residence.

Okello, along with her common law partner, 28-year-old Paul Matthew, defrauded a Kitchener retirement home of close to $15,000.

Matthew pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a year in prison.

The crown says Okello had authority to dispense prescription drugs like morphine.

“The good thing about this – police investigated this thoroughly and there was no actual harm done to anybody.” says Defence Attorney Hal Mattson.

The case is now complete in this jurisdiction but Okello is facing similar charges including trafficking in London, Ontario.

Court learned Okello had been granted temporary leave from jail to care for a baby girl she gave birth to in lockup.

She was on bail when she committed the offenses in Perth County.

Mattson says Okello’s daughter is doing fine and is now in foster care.