Officials spent Saturday sifting through rubble, trying to determine what caused a massive fire in Plattsville on Friday.

A two-storey building on Albert Street was destroyed, and the fire which started just before 6:30 a.m., triggered the evacuation of 30 homes in the area.

24-hours after the blaze occurred firefighters were still at work, keeping an eye out for hot spots.

Neil Wagner, a neighbour, says he hasn’t seen anyone using the building in over eight months, and that police have asked to see the video from his shops exterior security cameras.

The building was most recently used by a company called Dynamic Roofing, and there also was an apartment on the second storey.

“We have a fire that has compromised a lot of the upper story of the structure, plus the roof, plus part of the exterior walls. To get in to investigate we have to remove those portions.” said Mike Ross, Ontario Fire Marshal.

An eye witness told CTV News, they saw police hauling out bags of marijuana.

Police will not comment on the drugs, and will only confirm that this is an active investigation.

Neither the Ontario Fire Marshal’s office nor the police have released a damage estimate.