The KW Humane Society on Riverbend Dr. in Kitchener is expected to reopen tomorrow after a chemical explosion forced it to close down for the weekend.

Officials have determined that a 45-gallon drum of peroxide either over-pressurized or exploded yesterday morning. 

The call came into officials some time around 9:30 Saturday morning. According to fire fighters no people or animals were hurt. However, two non load bearing walls were damaged with the force.

For now officials say they are not allowing anyone inside the building, except for key personnel that are helping in the care of the animals. As a result volunteer shifts will be cancelled until further notice.

Humane society says they will remain closed until Monday. Officials are asking the public to house any healthy stray animals until the they reopen to the public. Animal welfare officers will still be on call and available to respond to any calls for sick or injured animals.