A North Dumfries woman has died after she was trapped underneath a vehicle for several hours on Saturday afternoon in Ayr.

Waterloo Regional Police say 48-year-old Kelly MacDonald was behind the wheel when her car slid off a laneway on Brant Waterloo Road.

“It appeared that her vehicle got stuck on the hill going up to her driveway,” says Sgt. Terri Turner with Waterloo Regional Police Service. “It’s very icy conditions."

MacDonald stepped out of her car, and it started rolling backwards.

“It looks like she was trapped by the vehicle and pulled down the hill, and then pinned underneath the car,” Turner notes.

Officials say the vehicle was not put into park.

They add it was several hours before MacDonald was found around 1:30 p.m. and emergency crews were called in.

It took several firefighters and emergency workers about an hour to free MacDonald from the vehicle.

They say she was conscious when they arrived, but later died in hospital.

Police add MacDonald suffered serious internal injuries.

The vehicle has now been removed from the laneway and will be sent away for a mechanical inspection.