The Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) says ice fishing season at Shade’s Mills has been put on hold.

Staff members were advised by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks that contaminants from a tanker truck spill more than a week ago may have “migrated further downstream in Mill Creek than originally understood.”

As a result, the GRCA has decided to delay the ice fishing season at Shade’s Mills until they can determine the full impact of the spill.

On January 13 the tanker flipped on the 401 near Highway 6.

Approximately 50,000 litres of fuel spilled from the truck and made its way into nearby waterways.

Containment booms have been set up in Mill Creek to catch fuel travelling downstream and crews have been working day and night to clean up the mess.

The Highway 6 ramps have been closed since the day of the crash.

No word yet on when are expected to reopen.