A tire remanufacturing plant expected to bring 340 jobs to St. Marys was announced Wednesday by Green Arc Tire Manufacturing.

“We’re very, very excited,” St. Marys Mayor Steve Grose tells CTV News.

Company officials say the factory will focus on remoulding radial tires, producing up to 3 million tires each year for passenger vehicles, SUVs and light trucks.

“We’re proud to be offering Canadians winter tires that are not only green, but have better traction and improve fuel efficiency,” Green Arc COO Mike DiCenzo said in a media release.

Of the 340 jobs the plant is expected to bring to St. Marys, 40 will be reserved for Canadian military veterans.

Green Arc officials say the plant will operate in the former Dana Canada auto parts plant on James Street.

“Through the recession time … we’ve had struggles trying to get somebody into that plant,” says Grose.

It will be the largest tire remanufacturing plant in North America, news which prompted optimism Wednesday on the streets of St. Marys.

“This town really needs some kind of push like that,” says resident Brad Wright.

“It’s a great opportunity. That building is huge and it really needs something.”

But will customers take to tires made primarily out of used tires?

Chris Tsegas, owner of Fowler Tire in Kitchener, isn’t so sure.

“The price difference probably would not be that big an amount, so people probably would go with the newer tire,” he says.

“Why buy a product’s that half old when you can buy a product that’s new?”

Time will tell. The plant is expected to open in February.