A new Ontario beef research centre opened in Elora on Wednesday, with the promise to advance research for the benefit of beef farmers.

The new facility aims to support research related to animal welfare, reproduction, nutrition, and meat quality and safety.

The goal is for beef farmers to adopt more efficient and healthier practices.

“We’re always striving for better and we’re always looking for answers, and this facility will help sort out what those answers are,” says Beef Farmers of Ontario president Joe Hill.

It’s a $15 million project that includes two 5530 square metre research barns, handling facilities and 200 acres of land to produce feed.

It will also house 750 cattle, doubling the capacity of the older one it's replacing. That facility was built 50 years ago.

This project is a partnership between the provincial government, Agricultural Research Institute of Ontario, Beef Farmers of Ontario and the University of Guelph.