Kitchener’s newest grocery store is open for business.

Farm Boy opened its doors to a waiting crowd at 8 a.m. Thursday, at the corner of Fairway Road and Wilson Avenue.

Helen Hamp showed up almost three hours early to check out the supermarket – and there were still 10 people ahead of her in line.

“I heard that the food here is very fresh,” said Hamp, who came from Cambridge for the opening.

Once inside, Hamp said she liked seeing the “variety” and “freshness” of foods on offer.

Other shoppers praised the store for its produce selection and wide aisles.

“It’s quite an impressive store,” said Pauline Schultz.

“I think it’s got a lot of things that the other stores don’t have. It’s a little bit more upscale.”

Farm Boy is an Ottawa-based supermarket operator with decades of experience in eastern Ontario.

Aside from the Kitchener location, its presence outside that region is limited to three stores in London and one in Whitby.

Company CEO Jeff York says the Fairway Road location was two years in the making, and one or two more stores could be opened in the area.

The chain brands itself as being focused on local food and local suppliers. Some suppliers were even in the store Thursday, showing off their products.

“We think local resonates with consumers today. They want to eat fresh. They want to eat healthy,” York said.