KITCHENER -- Those looking for vegetarian and vegan options in Waterloo Region can now look to a new initiative.

Fair Square, a one-stop shop online for those looking to go meatless, has launched the KW Veg Card.

"The card aims to support veg-friendly businesses within the K-W area or the tri-city region," said Darren Power, operations manager. "It's offering unique discounts at each of the participating organizations."

The veg card launched early in December, costs 20 dollars, and had 15 local businesses jump on board right away.

A portion of the proceeds from each card sold goes directly back to the participating businesses, while the rest of the funds are being donated to three local animal sanctuaries.

"On the KW Veg Card there are so many different businesses," said Jessica Hewitt, owner of Bliss Dough. "So you have things that are more meal related, or amazing sauces, and then you have desserts.

"You could go out during the day, purchase from three or four small businesses, and create your whole meal for dinner."

Dawn Clifford, owner of No Udder Ice Cream in Cambridge, noted that someone who had bought a card recently posted on social media that they didn't even know some of the businesses existed or had vegan options.

"You don't need to drive to Toronto anymore," said Power. "We're from Woodstock and there's some options here.

"Businesses are recognizing it's a great selling point for them to highlight to the vegan community that they can come on in."

Power adds that the plan moving forward is to continue connecting with small businesses in the community to help find more plant-based options.