A team of volunteers have been investigating Lisa Maas’ disappearance for the past two years.

Nick Oldrieve and others passionate about the case have been searching for evidence of her body.

Maas, believed murdered, was last seen leaving a friend’s house in Woodford, Ont., near Owen Sound in 1988.

Police investigated a property on 3rd Avenue East in Owen Sound on four different occasions between 2010 and 2011. Now, new tips have prompted Oldrieve and his team to begin digging at the same property.

The group, made up of volunteers and funded by donations, is also on the lookout for the body of another woman, Lois Hanna, who went missing from the Kincardine area just two weeks before Haas.

While the site has been searched before, the team wants to prove without a doubt that Maas’ body is not there before moving on.

“We would much rather find her, obviously,” Oldrieve says, “but if we can just prove this … if she’s not found, people can be rest assured that there’s no way she can be on this property, then that’s okay.”

Oldrieve says that he has been looking into other properties should their current search be fruitless.

With files from the Canadian Press