Construction began on Janet Metcalfe Public School a little over a year ago.

On Sept. 4, the school opened its doors to the public for the first time, welcoming over 550 students between kindergarten and grade seven.

Next year, the school will also include eighth graders.

It is the newest and largest public elementary school in Kitchener, located on Seabrook Drive.

The school has taken some modern approaches to learning for young students.

“In terms of standing desks, collaborative tables, individual workspaces, comfy corner in every single room, so children, depending on how they learn best, will be able to choose a spot,” said Janet Hale, the school’s principal.

Construction is nearly complete, and should be totally finished by mid-October.

The school is named after Canada’s first-ever kindergarten teacher, Janet Metcalfe, who taught in Waterloo Region for more than thirty years.