A proposed transit hub at King and Victoria Streets in Kitchener has hit a roadblock after the region and the proposed developer had a falling out.

“Our vision for the site is for an integrated, mixed-use, transit-oriented development, and their vision overall wasn’t matching up with it,” said Ellen McGaghey, the project director.

The project was meant to combine light rail transit, GO service, VIA trains and buses alongside office, retail and residential space.

Since the spring, the region had been meeting with King Victoria Transit Hub Partners Inc., a consortium involving Ellis Don Capital and The Kilmer Group.

It was the lone qualified bidder on the project.

Approved for $43 million in provincial funding, nearly $3 million has been spent on the project so far.

The province is expected to cover about $2.5 million of that, leaving the region with a bill for the remaining $434,000.

Early next year, regional staff plans to prepare recommendations for next steps, including re-evaluating whether a single developer is the best option.

The setback is not expected to affect the approved provincial funding.