KITCHENER -- A 26-year-old Cambridge man has been sentenced to six years in prison for his role in the 2018 shooting death of Bradley Pogue.

Adam De-Gannes pleaded guilty earlier this summer to manslaughter.

At the sentencing hearing on Friday, some details were revealed about what happened the night Pogue was killed. The sentencing hearing was highly emotional, with the victim's mother giving a tearful victim impact statement describing the incredible grief she still feels today.

Hayley Schulz delivered the statement while clutching a teddy bear that holds her son's ashes.

Pogue was 24 when he was shot and killed in a Cambridge plaza in November of 2018.

According to the agreed statement of facts, De-Gannes acknowledged his involvement, but said he did not intend for Pogue to be killed.

Court heard that De-Gannes was addicted to opioids, was a daily user of fentanyl, and sold small amounts of opiates to support his habit. He reportedly had a number of customers upset over him selling them bad product. He also owed money to several people, including a young person who is charged with second-degree murder in Pogue's death.

He can't be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

The agreed statement of facts says that De-Gannes arranged a drug deal so the young person could rob the seller of the marijuana using a firearm.

Court heard De-Gannes arranged to meet Pogue at the plaza. Pogue's brother, Codi, came with him because he was worried about Bradley getting robbed.

Pogue died from a gunshot wound to the head. De-Gannes took off on foot immediately after the shooting. De-Gannes was not the shooter.

Adding to the emotions in the courtroom was the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic. The hearing was delayed for more than an hour because the courtroom was over capacity. The judge and lawyers worked to come up with a solution.

In the end, doors were left open, and some court staff sat in the doorways to allow family and media to watch the proceedings.

During her victim impact statement, Pogue's mother spoke about how her son's death has been exacerbated because he had a two-year-old girl when he was killed.

She also wished De-Gannes a better life, telling him she hoped he would become a better man.

Schultz walked over to De-Gannes' mother in the courtroom and hugged her for several seconds.

Because of time served, De-Gannes will serve 34 months of his six-year sentence.

A youth is facing a second degree murder charge in this case. His trial date has not been set.