WATERLOO -- A Waterloo business owner is breathing new life into one of Uptown Waterloo's oldest buildings.

Rami Said's new business, Revive Game Bar, is moving into the former Harmony Lunch.

"We're bringing back the space in a new way," Said says.

Said is building on the former restaurant's retro style, transforming it into a 90s arcade diner.

"It is a risk, every business is," he said. "COVID or not, anything could happen, things could change drastically."

Opening a business in the middle of a global pandemic brings extra challenges.

"By all means, the pandemic is scary," Said says. "We don't know what's going to happen. We could get shut down again come the fall. There's a lot of risks, but the landlord is willing to work with us to make it happen."

There are some construction delays because of the pandemic, but work is moving forward.

"We have the advantage of plan around COVID versus adjusting to COVID," Said says.

Revive Game Bar plans to take advantage of opening when people are eager to get out of the house.

"As restrictions life, people can come together and socialize and do it in a fun way," saysTracy Van Klasbeek, executive director of the Uptown Waterloo Business Improvement Area.

Said hopes to have the arcade officially open in October.