Police were at a Guelph apartment building Saturday evening, after a body was found inside.

Guelph Police say they were called to 90 Carden Street, by neighbours who noticed something wasn’t right.

“I smelled something but the smell was getting stronger as the day went by,” said Donna Commando, who was visiting her daughter in the building.

Commando’s son-in-law called police, who confirmed a body was present on the third floor.

Late Saturday night, police removed the body.

Nearby residents say the unit where the body was found has been empty for some time.

Staff members were working in the buildings rental office Saturday night, but would not speak to CTV News.

“A girl that lives down the street in the hotels, she was telling us that she was supposed to be moving into this apartment Wednesday, and the apartment she was moving into they found a body in there,” said Paula Nevis, who lives nearby.

Commando says it’s not unusual to see cruisers parked in front of this building, which is located across from Guelph’s bus terminal.

“I notice police are here quite often and there’s a lot of activity going on here,” said Commando.

Guelph police on Sunday confirmed the body found June 27 is not being considered suspicious.

Police would not confirm the identity of the man, but friends say Joel Slofstra, 21, known as "Coffey", was the deceased man that was found.

Teresa and Kim Hatch met Slofstra two years ago, and say he lived with them for four months.

“A troubled young man, but full of love, full of life, and would do anything for anybody that he cared for,” Hatch reflected.

“Kindest soul. He would take the shirt off his back if he had to, and he didn’t have a lot, and he was willing to give everything he had,” said Sydney Petrie, a friend.

Those who frequent a drop off centre at 40 Baker Street say the centre offers a safe space for homeless youth and those struggling with addiction.

This marks the third death in five weeks of someone who frequents the centre, according to friends.

36-year-old Brandon Duncan was fatally shot last month, after an interaction with police inside Guelph General hospital.

The SIU is still investigating that incident.

Chris Schweitzer was killed less than two weeks ago, a Guelph man has been charged with his murder.

Petrie knew all three men who died.

“It’s hard when it’s someone that everyone really, really knows and really cares about, and has been such a huge part of the community,” he said.

The centre’s coordinator Edward Pickersgill, said he fears losing more community members because there aren’t enough resources to help those who need it most.

“That’s something which seriously, big time in this community needs to be looked at, mental health, addiction, young people, where do they go, what do they do when they are in isolation and in pain,” said Pickersgill.