Greg Robinson and Hayley Dobson tied the knot on Sept. 14 in Cambridge.

Afterward, they parked their car in front of a friend’s house while they left in a hurry for their honeymoon.

The car contained wedding gifts and just under $10,000 that they received on their big day.

“It was kind of just, in the rush of everything, to get to the airport and get off to the honeymoon, and how drained we were after everything… it was just kind of that one time we didn’t make that right call,” Greg explained.

When they came home, they learned that the car had been broken into over homecoming weekend.

The friend was unaware of the money in the glovebox.

They raced to check, and found the glovebox empty.

“Instantly I was in hysterics, I was bawling,” said Hayley.

They immediately reported the incident to police, who were investigating the incident.

A glove was found in the car that police were looking into.

Friends have begun a fundraising page to help the newlyweds get back on their feet.