The foul taste grew worse for some in the community on Friday after more learned of the Nazi memorabilia being sold in the St. Jacob’s antique shop.

A letter signed by Adolf Hitler, items bearing swastikas and a ring belonging to an S.S. officer, were among the goods for sale from one vendor at Market Road Antiques.

Some were so horrified by these Swastikas for sale; a petition was launched to have the items pulled.

The petition argued that the sale of these items trivializes historical trauma.  

On the other side, there have been plenty of people commenting on social media saying this is all part of history and they have no problem with the sale of the items.

However by early afternoon, the boycott was no longer necessary.

All the Nazi items in three different displays were pulled down by head office.

The owners of Market Road Antiques are apologizing profusely to anyone who was offended by the matter.

Waterloo Regional Police launched and wrapped up an investigation after the news broke on CTV on Thursday.

Police say there is nothing illegal about the sales since they were being sold as historical artifacts and not to promote hate.

Meanwhile, the petition has been taken down.