With 15 Labrador retriever puppies as young as eight weeks old, the National Service Dogs (NSD) is looking for people who can volunteer as puppy raisers.

With a shortage of volunteers, the NSD is looking for individuals who can help transform these puppies into vital service dogs to help change the lives of Canadians. The service is looking to get these puppies into training in KW, Cambridge, Guelph and surrounding areas as soon as Jan. 3.

NSD Puppy Dec. 12

“Puppy Raisers receive a puppy when it is approximately eight weeks old,” the NSD said in a news release. “The Puppy Raiser fosters the dog until they are 12 to 15 months old. Puppy Raisers are responsible for teaching their puppy good behaviour at home and in public and exposing them to the busy world around them.”

The roughly year-long commitment means the puppy raisers will be asked to take our puppies everywhere possible—to work, out to eat, shop, and even on vacation.