Waterloo Regional Police are a few weeks away from doubling their complement of police dogs – and the new recruits now have names.

In a ceremony at police headquarters on Monday, it was revealed that the dogs had been given the names of Tracker and Grim.

The name Grim came from Chris Braniff, a Grade 6 student at St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School in Cambridge.

Tracker was submitted twice – once by Eli Parry, who is in Grade 1 at Breslau Public School, and once by Kylee Jantzi, a Grade 2 student at Kitchener’s Jean Steckle Public School.

Parry said he picked the name Tracker “because it tracks people down,” while Braniff said Grim came from the dog’s resemblance to an animal with that name in the Harry Potter movies.

Once they complete a 16-week training course, each dog will spend eight years with the police before going on to retirement.

With reporting by Tyler Calver