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Name this turkey! Oktoberfest wants your help

This is a rendering of the new turkey float that will be debuted at the 2023 K-W Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Parade. (Submitted/K-W Oktoberfest) This is a rendering of the new turkey float that will be debuted at the 2023 K-W Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Parade. (Submitted/K-W Oktoberfest)

Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest needs the community’s help to name its newest Thanksgiving Parade float.

The float, said to be a “larger-than-life turkey,” will be making its debut in the Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Parade on Oct. 9.

“We were throwing around names as well. ‘Will it be Frank?’, ‘Will it be Big Red?’” said Tracy Van Kalsbeek, executive director at the Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest. “I’m sure somebody is much more creative than me and will come up with a name and we are going to go ‘that’s the one.’”

Turkey Farmers of Ontario (TFO), a farmer-led organization, is partnering with Oktoberfest to launch the new turkey float for the parade.

“Our aim is for turkey to be part of everyone's Thanksgiving tradition, so it felt like a natural fit to get consumers thinking about turkey at the festival,” said Jon-Michael Falconer, General Manager of TFO.

Organizers said they also hope the turkey contest raises awareness about their new expanded menu available to the public during the festivities.

“There's going to be an Oktoberfest pizza, poutines, [and] different kinds of poutines. With the partnership with the Turkey Farmers [of Ontario], we're going to have turkey legs there as well,” said Van Kalsbeek.

Name submissions can be made online.

There is no limit on the number of suggestions but the deadline is noon on Thursday, Sept. 28.

The winning name will be debuted at the parade, announced on social media and the winner will take home a turkey-related prize.

The K-W Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Parade moves to a live online stream this year, produced by Sherwood Productions. 

The parade will be live-streamed on our website on Thanksgiving Day. Top Stories


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