When Xhevahir Myftari was first questioned by police about his sister-in-law’s death, he denied having anything to do with it.

Later, he admitted to stabbing Julia Vlashi to death in August 2012 – but claimed it was in self-defence.

Those revelations were contained in a recording of Myftari’s police interrogation, which was played for jurors at his murder trial Friday.

In the video, Myftari – who has been diagnosed with a schizophrenic disorder – told investigators that he and Vlashi had been arguing about his medication when she attacked him.

“She come to me with knife,” he said.

Myftari said he then grabbed the knife and stabbed Vlashi with it.

When the knife became stuck, he said, he went to the kitchen and grabbed another – with which he stabbed Vlashi five times.

As the attack happened, jurors have heard, Vlashi was in a video chat with her niece and her niece’s husband.

Both of them have testified that Myftari attacked Vlashi first, and was not provoked.

Jurors also heard Friday that Myftari left the Rockwood home he shared with Vlashi and her husband after stabbing Vlashi.

Among the items he took with him, the court was told, were his passport, Vlashi’s purse and one of the knives.