Seven Cambridge residents have been arrested and charged with drug offences after a coordinated raid Friday afternoon. One of those arrested has ties to the Hell's Angels.

The raid was the conclusion of a three month investigation into the distribution of drugs in the Region of Waterloo and Newfoundland. Waterloo Region Police, RCMP, the Biker Enforcement Unit and the Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau all took part in Project Longridge.

Eleven search warrants were executed Friday. Nine people were arrested; two in Newfoundland, and the remaining 7 in Kitchener, Cambridge and New Hamburg. Amoung those arrested were:

• Larry Chaves, 32, of Cambridge (Hell's Angels gang member)

• Julie Chavez, 36, of Cambridge

• Meng Troeung, 40, of Cambridge

• Brian Galway, 40, of Cambridge

• Colleen Galway, 41, of Cambridge

• Rita Galway, 62, of Cambridge

• Patrick Ezekeil, 56, of Cambridge

• Scott Hutchings, 41, of Bell Island, Newfoundland

• Jocelyn Dunn

There are outstanding search warrants for three other individuals.

In all, police seized 5 kilograms of cocaine, 3 pounds of marijuana, and 263 marijuana plants from 3 hydroponics grow-ops.