Kitchener Centre Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth says he does not believe his controversial motion to examine “when life begins” will be passed.

Woodworth held a media conference in Ottawa on Monday morning in order to update reporters on Motion 312. 

“At this point I am not optimistic that I will come close the 50 per cent required to pass this motion.”

He says that he will continue to try to convince other MP’s to consider the motion.

Woodworth's motion will be up for its second debate in the House of Commons on Friday, with a final vote expected next Wednesday.

“Although we have a majority in the house I don’t think we would have a majority of the vote.”

Woodworth has been making headlines with his bid to open the  controversial review of Canada’s 400 year old legal definition of when a child becomes a human. Which he says, a child does not become a human being until the moment of complete birth.

Critics say the move is an attempt to re-open the abortion debate -- a claim the conservative MP denies.

Prime Minister has said publically that he will not support the motion.  When asked what he thought of the Harpers stance, Woodworth told reporters

“I like the Prime Minister and I respect him… I think it would be a immature view of politics to think because like and admire some one you ought never to disagree with them would never disagree with them.”