It’s that time of year again, where thousands of students make a new home away from home. By Monday the city of Waterloo will have upwards of five thousand new residents settling in. 

Sunday is an official move-in day for both the University Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier. 

On campus there were mixed emotions, as parents and students are either very sad to be apart or thrilled for a new adventure. 

Bradley Thompson got the song and dance reception after coming from Mississauga. Here to study business administration he says he's excited but will certainly miss home.

(I’m) “Just nervous haven't been away from home for a year for school....and time to meet new people I guess.”

A couple floors down first year student, Anthony Rizza, is getting acquainted with his fellow freshmen. He says even with the temptations university life and freedom can bring he's here to learn. 

“I know a couple people who flunked out because they didn't concentrate on their work and that scared me a little bit.”

There’s certainly some fear amongst parents who will be away from their kids for the time but Debbie Smith says pride for her son is what she'll remember most.

 “It’s been a long road to get him here....and I’m proud of the fact that he's coming” Says Smith.

Orientation week starts Monday for the University of Waterloo and for Laurier.