An air ambulance was called in following a serious collision northwest of Waterloo.

The crash occurred a little after 8 a.m.., south of St. Clements on Weimar Line between Kressler and Maplewood roads.

Police officers at the scene said that a motorcyclist suffered life-threatening injuries after hitting a pregnant deer, which was killed.

The air ambulance was unable to land at the site due to windy conditions. The 53-year-old motorcyclist was taken to Grand River Hospital in critical condition.

Traffic investigators believe the deer may have run out from behind a small hill, out of the motorcyclist’s sight.

That would have made the crash unavoidable. OPP say there are some things drivers can do to improve their chances of avoiding deer collisions, including the following:

  • DON’T veer for deer: leaving your lane and losing control of your vehicle can lead to worse consequences
  • If you see a deer, DO hit the brakes as firmly as possible while maintaining control of your vehicle
  • DO keep your headlights on, and high beams where possible, especially at dusk and dawn.
  • DO pay attention to the road and scan your surroundings – allowing for proper lead time, and looking out for those deer-in-the-headlight reflecting eyeballs at night.