The Brantford community has come together to support Desiree Gallagher, and for the first time the young woman is speaking out about her recovery.

“It felt good having them all there supporting me,” Gallagher said.

More than a hundred riders took part in the Ride for Desiree Saturday, a fundraiser to help the young Brantford woman with medical costs.

In May of 2013, Gallagher fell seven stories from a London apartment belonging to Justin Primmer.

Primmer, already convicted of manslaughter, served six months for assault in connection to this case, as Desiree was badly beaten before the fall.

While Desiree is making progress she still has a long road to recovery.

“If my vision would ever come back it would mean the world to me. It sucks that I can't see,” she said.

Travelle Misick and John Kormos organized the Ride for Desiree,from Brantford to Port Dover.

“When I heard what happened to her it sent a chill down my spine. I thought we had to do something,” said Misick.

They raised $8000 at registration alone.

“It’s been great. Just to hear the bikers fire up their engines was something else. You can just feel it through you, it’s pretty special,” said Kormos.

“It’s honestly truly amazing . . . for one bad person, there’s how many good people are out there,” said Desiree’s mother, Susan Gerth.

Desiree and her family say they're overwhelmed by the help and support from friends new and old.