Ryan Arcon, convicted by a jury of assaulting a police officer in a March 2010 incident, was sentenced Friday to six months in prison and two years on probation.

Arcon was shot five times by Waterloo Regional Police Const. Randy Galantal as he approached Galantal in his Waterloo apartment building, holding two steak knives.

The sentence delivered matches the Crown’s request. Defence lawyers had argued that further jail time was not necessary.

Speaking outside the courthouse, Galantal called the experience the “most terrifying day” of his policing career.

“It’s a sentence that I can appreciate and I can live with,” he said.

Galantal was cleared of wrongdoing by the province’s special investigations unit.

Emily James, Arcon’s mother, tells CTV News she was “greatly disappointed by not totally surprised” by the sentencing.

“I was appalled that the Crown called Mr. Galanti a hero,” she said.

“How can you shoot a human being that many times and still feel you were right?”

Arcon has also launched a $550,000 lawsuit against Waterloo Regional Police.

As part of his sentence, he is not allowed to possess any non-prescription drugs.