KITCHENER -- Most of the guinea pigs that were found in a Waterloo park last month have been adopted.

Last month, a 10-year-old boy was playing in Heasley Park near Parkside Drive when he found two guinea pigs and brought them home.

He and his mother called the Guinea Pig Sanctuary of Kitchener.

At first, the sanctuary said there could have been as many as 40 guinea pigs on the loose. The organization believes that someone had dumped them there.

After the community came together to search for them, 15 were recovered.

Since, a dozen of those have found homes.

"We actually had to shut adoptions down for the month of June because, after Heasley Park and another surrender, we had over 100 applications for adoptions, with people messaging and emailing every single day," said Placement Coordinator Meaghan Scott.

"So it also got to be a little overwhelming. A good problem, but it got to be a lot of work."

The sanctuary said that most of the guinea pigs were healthy, expect for one that had an enlarged heart.

The Solicitor General's office says the investigation into who abandoned the rodents in the park is ongoing.