Saying they’re sick and tired of being caught in the middle of the ongoing battle between teachers and the provincial government, more than 100 Cambridge students took matters into their own hands Friday.

The students, who attend William G. Davis Public School, say they’re upset at losing extracurricular activities and believe many of their teachers feel the same way.

“We’re missing out on our trips and grad and everything the teachers won’t do, especially our Christmas dance,” says Grade 8 student Cameron Armas.

But ultimately, say the students, it’s not the teachers that they’re blaming.

“I don’t think it’s their fault,” says Grade 7 student Holly Clemens.

“It’s the government’s fault, because they made a bad decision and it made the teachers angry and now we have nothing left.”

Grade 8 student Austin Pavao agrees, questioning what effect the strike will have on students down the road.

“You want to remember your young years when you’re older, but if you don’t have extracurriculars, how will you remember it?” he said.

Students also protested at schools in Fergus on Thursday, with more than 40 students walking out of class and stringing banners outside their school. Classes in Fergus were shut down Friday as teachers took part in rotating strikes.