The Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society has seen a spike in the number of dogs rescued from local puppy mills.

The agency is currently trying to place 36 dogs that were rescued from a puppy mill in Huron County in late October. In all, 126 dogs were a part of rescue.

"A lot of them had allergies, skin infections, some open wounds and pus that was coming out of their skin", says Pierre Lemieux, a spokesperson with the K-W Humane Society.

After more than a month of medical treatment the dogs are now doing much better.

The area has seen a spike in the number of rescues recently. On Wednesday, Nov. 30th, 42 dogs were rescued from a puppy mill outside of Woodstock, Ontario.

Local animal services officer Malcolm Armstrong isn't sure why there's been an increase in rescues but more calls are coming in over the suspicion of puppy mills.

"What you do find is a large number of dogs being bred constantly. Sub-standard conditions, so over-crowded, not necessarily clean", says Armstrong.

"They're not receiving proper health checks, vet care, things of that nature", he added.

Adoptions have already begun. Prospective puppy owner Michelle Powell says rescue dogs deserve love just as much as ones from breeders, "regardless of where they came from or their background, or whatever, they still deserve the same amount of love and care that any other dog would need,"

The cost of treating the dogs is close to $20,000.