As the forensic investigation of two properties in Waterloo Region wraps up, Toronto police are taking a closer look at cases with connections to 27-year-old Dellen Millard, who is charged with first degree murder in the death of Tim Bosma.

Toronto homicide detectives are now investigating whether Millard is connected in any way to his father’s death last December and the disappearance of a 23-year-old Toronto woman.

Laura Babcock went missing last July. 

Her ex-boyfriend Shawn Lerner described Millard as a “good friend.”  Lerner raised red flags with police after he saw phone records showing Millard was the last person called before she disappeared.

“I immediately was suspicious, I didn’t know the guy well, but I brought it to the police’s attention right away.” Lerner says.

Toronto’s homicide squad confirmed to CTV News that as far as they were concerned, nothing seemed suspicious about Babcock’s case until Millard was arrested in connection with Tim Bosma’s death last week.

Dellen Millard’s lawyer Deepak Paradkar says that as far as he knows, Millard was not interviewed when Babcock disappeared and he hasn’t been questioned about it since his arrest.

Members of the Hamilton police break and enter unit were seen collecting surveillance video at the house next door to Millard’s Etobicoke home.

Meanwhile, Hamilton homicide detectives are also examining a photo gallery posted on a paid adult website credit Dellen Millard as the photographer.

A profile on Suicide Girls — a soft-core pornography website - shows a young model named “Josie” posing in and around a vintage DC-4 airplane.

The name on the plane reads “MILLARDAIR.”

The profile says the photo gallery was posted February 17, 2005.

Millard took over as CEO of MILLARDAIR, a chartered airline company, after his father’s death.  The company was founded by Dellen’s grandfather.

More than 700 tips have been provided to police since Tim Bosma disappeared May 6 after taking two strangers on a test drive of a pickup truck he had posted for sale online.

On Tuesday, police announced Bosma’s burned remains had been located in the Waterloo area. Investigators said the married father of one was likely murdered shortly after heading out for the drive.

Hamilton police say results of the forensic examination aren’t expected for some time.  A coroner’s report with details on how Tim Bosma died could take six to eight months to complete.

Saturday Millard’s lawyer is saying he may need to ask for a change of venue when the case gets to Superior Court.  Paradkar is concerned that with all the different information coming to light his client won’t get a fair trial.


With files from CTV Toronto and The Canadian Press