KITCHENER -- A company from Waterloo, Ont. has been getting creative in order to put on a show that people can enjoy safely during the pandemic.

Northstar Firework and Drone Shows have been mixing technology and the digital world to create incredibly unique light displays in the night sky.

One of their drone swarming shows was able to be seen Saturday night by many from their cars above Bingemans in Kitchener.

In order to make the show happen, programming starts on 3D software and transfers through antennas on the ground into the drones.

“The signal is then sent up to the 17-18 satellites we’re dealing with any night, bounces the signal back down to our drones, and they do their pre-programmed design,” said company president Jeff Carmo.

Northstar says the drone shows give the same effect as a firework show without the noise and environmental impact.

They add that they are getting requests from across the country.

“We’re the first ones in Canada to do it,” said Carmo. “We grasped the concept of it, we bought 200 drones, and we’re now touring. We’re really busy even with the pandemic.”

The company says the fireworks they’ve been using for almost 30 years will still be part of their repertoire moving forward, but the demand for drones will keep them looking for more ways to design their shows.