When severe weather moves in, make Storm Watch your destination for information about school closures, bus cancellations and road closures.

The Storm Watch team begins its work well before the crack of dawn, collecting information from across our coverage area and posting it on this page.

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Wingham Area:

All Transportation Cancelled, School(s) Closed to Students:

• Sacred Heart Catholic School

All Transportation Cancelled, School(s) Open to Students:

• Brookside Public School

• F.E. Madill Secondary School

• Maitland River Elementary School

Clinton and Seaforth Area:


The following Wingham-area and Lucknow-area St Anne’s CSS buses are cancelled today: Montgomery Routes 36, 37 and 38 and First Student Goderich 33.

There is one Clinton Public School special needs bus cancelled as well. It is Murphy bus route 20.

All other buses are running in the area and the schools are open. It is a regular school day.

Bruce & Grey Counties:

Walkerton - Montgomery Bus Route 92 cancelled to Walkerton District and Sacred Heart High. All schools are OPEN

TEESWATER, LUCKNOW & RIPLEY - ALL buses cancelled into Teeswater, Lucknow & Ripley, All schools are OPEN.