People in Paris are being told to stay away from a home and trail due to a landslide.

According to officials with the County of Brant, the landslide occurred at a house at 47 Walnut Street.

“The county is actively ensuring the safety of the site and nearby residences,” a county press release reads.

“People are advised to not approach the site and security fencing is being installed.”

Paris landslide

Walnut Street is at the bottom of a large hill. Neighbours say the slope has existed long enough for grass to grow on it, hiding much of the gravel and sand beneath.

Dave Mackie, who lives a few houses away from 47 Walnut, says an excavator started taking material away last week. He says the landslide began soon after the excavator moved in.

“Rocks are rolling non-stop and the more it rains, the more it comes down,” he said.

“It’s almost unfixable.”

The landslide continued into Wednesday evening, with rocks and clumps of dirt falling down the slope at regular intervals.

The SC Johnson Trail, which runs behind the house, was closed between Curtis Avenue and Portland Street due to the effects of the landslide. No timetable was provided for its reopening.