The area around a landslide in Paris is being watched closely to ensure no additional properties are being put at risk.

One house on Walnut Street was vacated earlier this week due to the landslide, which neighbours say began late last week.

By Wednesday, the situation had deteriorated to the point that the County of Brant fenced off the house at 47 Walnut to keep people out of the area.

A section of the nearby SC Johnson Trail was also closed Wednesday, although officials say it could reopen by the end of the week.

The landslide continued on Thursday, with debris falling onto 47 Walnut from the slope next to the house. There’s no plan in place to repair the hill.

Officials say they have figured out what caused the landslide – excavation work the homeowner was doing.

The work required a permit that was never issued, according to Andrew Gravelle, the county’s chief building official.

“They did not get any approvals to do the work that they did,” he said.

As a result, the owner of 47 Walnut – who could not be reached by CTV Kitchener before this story was published – could face fines.