KITCHENER – If anyone can stand behind the phrase "age is just a number," it's Hazel McCallion.

The former mayor of Mississauga shared some of secrets to saying young to a group of seniors at Salvation Army Kitchener Community Church on Tuesday.

"Living with purpose should never end," she told the group gathered there.

Her main message: to make life count, even at an older age. She's demonstrated that you're as young as you feel by sharing some of her life experiences and insight into her current work.

Since retiring as mayor, she's become the Chief Elder Officer, or CEO, for Revera Retirement Living.

"My job is to encourage the residents to live life to the fullest," McCallion said.

She points to a number of things like gardening and housework that help her keep sharp. She also sits on various advisory boards.

The crowd left impressed.

"She's definitely an inspiration to keep busy and plan your day and get out and do things," says Donna Walters and Marylou Little.

"Hopefully we can end up like her at 98."

McCallion says there are all kinds of opportunities to stay active, but that it's up to the individual whether or not they choose to be.