Three men were injured at a new home in Maryhill Thursday morning, after the porch they were working on collapsed.

"Basically we were pouring a porch behind us there and the porch is about 10 feet high, and as the concrete was being set down, we heard one crack noise and all of a sudden everyone went down," said Brian Botelho, the owner of Bothelo Paving and Concrete.

Bothelo was out at the site helping a friend pour concrete when the incident happened around 8 a.m.

"Everyone just dropped really, really fast and it was one was saying a word for about maybe three seconds. I thought that they were dead for a second," said Botelho.

He called 911 shortly after the incident.

Fire officials, EMS and Waterloo Regional Police were on scene.

Police said the three men were transported to hospital via ambulance with minor injuries.

The Ministry of Labour is investigating.

It is not yet known why the porch collapsed.