A horse competition in Puslinch this weekend has turned into a tagedy.

More than 100 people were scouring fields and wooded areas looking for a thoroughbred competition horse named Noah, who went missing around 11 a.m. Sunday near Concession Two and Sideroad 10 South.

Unfortunately search organizers say the horse was found Tuesday afternoon after a helicopter located its body in a swamp area near where he disappeared. They are now waiting for officials to remove the body.

The horse had taken off with his owner still riding him down a driveway.

“We were going down the driveway and the donkey came out of the shelter and brayed, and he spooked and jumped over a page-wire fence,” explained Linda Hale, Noah’s owners and owner of the farm hosting the competition. “There’s quite a dip after the page wire fence and he turned quite sharply left and I did not. He then galloped off to the south and that’s the last anyone has seen of him.”

Noah still had his reigns attached to him and his owner was concerned he could get tangled somewhere.

A drone and tracking dogs were also employed to assist in the search.