Court papers are shedding light on what happened the day of Melinda Vasilije’s death – and in the ensuing weeks, as the ex-boyfriend accused of killing her eluded the authorities.

The papers were filed with the United States District Court in San Antonio, Texas, as part of the process to return Ager Hasan to Canada.

Hasan is facing charges including second-degree murder in connection with the death of Vasilije, who was found dead in her apartment on Country Hill Drive in Kitchener in April.

Authorities have said that Hasan crossed into the United States within a few hours of Vasilije’s death. He remained at large for nearly three months, until being arrested last week as part of a U.S. Secret Service investigation into a person matching Hasan’s description who had allegedly purchased counterfeit money on the dark web.

Hasan remains in custody in Texas, with an extradition hearing scheduled for Sept. 11.

The court documents outline the case against Hasan in Canada, detailing the events of the hours leading up to Vasilije’s death.

They say that Hasan and Vasilije had been dating for about one year, although they had recently broken up and Hasan was having “difficulty accepting that fact.”

According to the documents, Hasan had broken into Vasilije’s apartment a few weeks before her death. Vasilije was not present. Her roommate and her roommate’s brother were, and charges were laid after Hasan allegedly assaulted both of them.

He was released on bail the following day, on terms to stay out of Waterloo Region and to not contact Vasilije. The documents allege that despite those conditions, Hasan “continually” messaged Vasilije upon his released from custody.

On the night of April 27, the documents say, Vasilije and Hasan agreed to meet at Vasilije’s apartment to talk. Vasilije was nervous, and asked a friend to be present during the meeting.

At 1:45 a.m. on April 28, Vasilije’s friend and roommate left to get food. They messaged Vasilije from the restaurant, and got a reply that Hasan was leaving.

When they returned to the apartment about an hour later, they allegedly found Vasilije lying on the floor, with a knife nearby.

The papers also indicate that Hasan messaged police multiples times when on the lam, saying repeatedly that he did not want to be arrested by American law enforcement.

With reporting by Nicole Lampa