KITCHENER -- The group behind a massive warehouse development project slated for the village of Blair held an information session Thursday night.

A developer has requested a minister’s zoning order for a one million square foot warehouse across from the Cambridge Conestoga campus, something that has received lots of push back.

The group presenting said they were doing the information session as a courtesy to the residents of Blair, as they allowed written questions to be submitted in an attempt to calm some of the concerns.

The main point made by the development group is that the land has already been zoned for industrial use for years.

They add that the impact of the warehouse on the community will be minimal, despite the size, the potential 1,400 employees, and 100 transport trucks arriving daily.

The developer is proposing a right only turning lane off Fountain Street to reduce traffic. They are also hoping the Region of Waterloo comes through with a roundabout at Old Mill Road and Dickie Settlement to stop cut through traffic.

“It is a single use, fully enclosed, self-contained warehouse distribution centre,” said Chris Pidgeon, president of GPS Group. “We think it protects the vision and will help to block some of the noise coming off Highway 401.”

Many residents in Blair have been against this project and have come together to voice their concerns.

Alan Van Norman, a spokesperson for the Blair group, says he was not swayed by the presentation, still has many unanswered questions, and that the developer is not the only one deserving of blame.

“There has been zero transparency,” he said. “The City of Cambridge has just as much blame as anybody for the lack of transparency.”

One of the unanswered questions about the project is what company would be operation inside the warehouse. The developer says they legally cannot disclose the name.