Nicholas Gehl took the stand in a Hamilton court on Friday at the murder trial of three men accused in the shooting death of his daughter.

Twenty-eight-year-old Nadia Gehl's husband Ronald Cyr is one of three men charged with first degree murder in the case.

The Crown alleges Cyr enlisted two friends to kill his wife while he was at work, saying he would pay once he collected on a half-a-million dollar insurance policy for which he was the sole beneficiary.

Cyr worked as a legal assistant at the law office of Nadia's father and her uncle Stephen Gehl, who are both lawyers.

Friday morning Nicholas told the court he didn't know about Cyr's alleged affair until police told him about it two weeks after the shooting.

However, he said he once became uneasy when he saw a woman who worked in the office kiss Cyr on the head.

Under cross-examination, he testified that he told police he didn't think Cyr had anything to do with the shooting when he was first interviewed.

He told the court Cyr was paid $36,000 annually, plus $4,000 for mileage expenses.

He also said he'd talked to him about going to law school and joining the firm, but that he seemed more interested in becoming a police officer.

Nicholas also described the outpouring of sympathy and support the family received in the days following the shooting.

Nadia died after being shot twice, one in the head and once in the chest, in February 2009 while walking to a bus stop near her Kitchener home.

Cyr, as well as Zdenek Zvolensky and Nashat Qahwash were arrested six months later and charged with first degree murder.

On Thursday, a woman who found her body testified and the court heard videotaped testimony from an 11-year-old boy who saw a man running near the scene and provided a suspect description.