In a taped conversation played for the court on Wednesday, suspect Ronald Cyr tells an undercover officer he planned the murder of his wife, Nadia Gehl.

Cyr, Nashat Qahwash and Zdenek ‘Dennis' Zvolensky are charged with first degree murder in the case. Gehl was shot to death near her Kitchener home in Feb. 2009.

The 45-minute interview was recorded at the apartment of the officer, known only as UCJ, the night of Aug. 1, 2009.

On the recording, Cyr tells the undercover officer that he planned the murder of his wife, and enlisted the help of his friends, Qahwash and Zvolensky to do it.

To get Cyr to talk, UCJ tells him for the first time he's been talking to Zvolensky about getting rid of his own (fictitious) ex-wife.

In turn, Cyr tells UCJ how Zvolensky and Qahwash were waiting somewhere in the neighbourhood of Cyr's home, with Qahwash driving, there was a boom and then they drove into the country so there would be no cameras.

UCJ told the court Cyr then leaned back, snapped his lapels, smiled and referring to what happened said "That's mine."

Cyr also tells UCJ on the tape both men can be trusted to take care of the problem, and that Zvolensky is the brains and Qahwash won't say a word.

Cyr advises UCJ to have an airtight alibi and act sad, and that he should look for an area where you're less likely to be caught or seen.

Cyr also says he never saw the gun.

A weapon was eventually discovered at the Kitchener home where Qahwash was living.

The gun had Qahwash's prints on the wrapping and Zvolensky's DNA on the weapon.