It’s been a trying year for the peregrine falcon family nesting above the CTV Kitchener studio.

This was the first year for Lucifer and his female partner, whose name is unknown, to raise hatchlings on our property. In 2015 and 2016, our microwave tower was used as a nest by a different pair of peregrines – Castor and Mystery.

The process got off to a late start this year, as wacky spring weather meant the birds’ eggs didn’t appear in the nest until early May. Hatching started on June 8, about a month later than it typically does.

Another issue emerged one week later, when Lucifer was found on the front lawn of a home a few blocks away with an injured wing.

Experts believe the injury likely occurred when Lucifer inadvertently flew into an object. He will undergo surgery, and likely be out of commission for several weeks. Through that time, the mother will have to look after feeding and raising her chicks on her own.

Thanks to the Canadian Peregrine Foundation and Waterloo Region Nature for looking after the birds as necessary.

You can watch the falcon family's progress live 24/7 by clicking on the video player above or using this link.