After four days of testimony, a suspect in the Nadia Gehl murder trial finally faced the Crown prosecutor's questions.

Zdenek ‘Dennis' Zvolensky has just completed four days of cross-examination by the defence lawyer for Ron Cyr.

Zvolensky, Cyr and Nashat Qahwash are each charged with first degree murder in the 2009 shooting death of Cyr's wife, Nadia Gehl.

On the stand Zvolensky again told the court he had nothing to do with Gehl's murder and denied all other accusations.

Crown prosecutor Fraser Kelly has alleged since the beginning of the trial 41 days ago that Cyr enlisted Zvolensky and Qahwash to commit the murder.

Zvolensky has admitted he was near the murder scene the day of the shooting, but says Qahwash asked him to park in the area.

He told the court he thought Qahwash was going to give him some stolen goods to hold on to, but instead gave him a gun.

While Zvolensky denies being part of a ‘hit team,' he has testified he came to believe Qahwash was the gunman and Cyr planned the murder.

On Wednesday, Kelly suggested Zvolensky was in the area planning things the day before the killing and communicating with Qahwash.

But Zvolensky says he was just spending time at a nearby shopping mall.

The Crown also alleges Cyr sent Zvolensky a text that day saying "Can you play ball on Tuesday, the game is at 8:40."

Zvolensky says the text was about a basketball game and didn't text Cyr back.

But the following morning, a Monday, Gehl was shot around 8:45 a.m.

Earlier in the case, Cyr's lawyer Devin Bains alleged the co-accused acted without Cyr's knowledge because Zvolensky was upset that Gehl had said no to a proposed business investment.